Our Manufacturing Plant is situated at Daman, Near Vapi Gujarat. And this assists us to deliver our Products timely to the nearby States of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

In our Extrusion Department We can Manufacture Films used in Packaging / Lamination as per your Present Standard and Quality or even better on an Extrusion plant from Riefenhauser (Germany).

This plant is equipped with a chilling plant and rotating die and air bubble cooling to produce grades of polymers that require special processing and also to produce film rolls up to 1200mm Width.

The film rolls produced are Corona Treated which is specially suited for optimal operation in Printing where the need for good quality film rolls is required.

In our Printing Department, we have an Eight (8) Color Roto Gravure Printing Machine from Raulimex (Mumbai). This Printing Machine is equipped to handle film rolls up to 800 mm Width. The Machine is equipped with Web Aligner and Automatic Tension Control on Unwind / Rewind. We also have a Slitting Machine to Slit Film Rolls to Different Sizes.

In our Lamination Department, we have a Solvent Based Lamination Machine which can handle Film Rolls up to 800mm Width.

In our Bag Making Department, we have Three (3) Side Seal Bag Making Machines from Mamata Machinery (Ahmadabad, Gujarat) and One (1) Bottom Seal Bag Making Machine from XL Plastics (Vadodara, Gujarat). These machines are also equipped to make Gussets, Air Vents & Perforations on the Polybags as well as ‘Seal King’ Resealable Bags.
We also have a Manual Loop Handle Fixing Machine to make Soft Loop Handle Bags.

We have a Quality Testing Lab, where the Films and Polybags are tested for Conformance and Consistency of Quality and Specifications. During production, strict checking is done by the well qualified and experienced personnel of Company for ensuring good quality of product.